Open Letter to Kansas


From: Shaylene Moore

Sent: Wednesday, April 28, 2010 10:31 PM

To: Steve.Abrams@senate.ks.gov

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Subject: FW:FW:FW:FW:FW:RE:An Open Letter to Kansas

Mr. Abrams,
You are my Senator
And I need help, please.  I saw this e-mail and thought that I might as well ask for help.  I cannot leave Kansas right now becuase my child is in foster care.  Why?  Because I forbid her to go to a party on Saturday night.  She sent a text message to a friend.  And that friend's mom that I was unfair.
The party was filled with drugs, alcohol and sex.  My daughter was only 14.  Now she is 15 and has been in foster care for over a year.  Why?
Because social services came to my home unannounced.  I let them in thinking that they would surely understand what was going on.  The lady looked so nice.
But then, she found me guilty of neglect because she said that my daughter's room was too small!  Yes, too small.
I am a mother of four children.  And she had the small bedroom because she was the youngest.  After my son turned 18 and went into the military, she would inherit a larger room.  But it fit her nicely until that year. 
But then, they discovered that my ex-husband made a lot of money and went after both of us.  I don't make as much money but I work very hard to take care of my children.
And now that she is in foster care, I am required to pay them child support.I am taking money away from my other children to meet the state's demands.  It would be easier on all of us if my daughter was at home.
And she misses me so badly.  And she has changed so much.  She is so bitter now.  So distrustful of everything.  She doesn't believe anyone.  She doesn't believe me when I tell her that she will be home with her family soon.
I hate you Kansas.  I hate you!
I did not abuse or neglect my child because her bedroom was small.  There is a perfectly nice size room waiting for her
I am surprisd she didn't also write that my child was wearing hand me downs from her sister.
I understand why this Mother cursed you.  It is a curse to be involved with you.  And it is not a good place to be.  I thought Kansas was a much better place but it has so many bad problems that I can't say anything about this state any longer.
So please listen to my cries, listen to my daughter's cries, and send my baby back home.  Please.  Please.  I want my daughter home with me.  Her birthday is next week!
She will be 16 and will be in foster care.
Dear Senators of Kansas:

Before reading this letter, please note that I make absolutely no apologies for speaking my mind.  I am doing the housecleaning of my soul, my spirit, my heart.  After all, a clean house is what you want....

One would think that after the big to-do with Brown vs. the Board of Education, the state of Kansas would be a bit more sensitive and concerned about violating parent's and children's rights.  One would think...but clearly we are being led by the brainless....

I am a Mother, a Woman, and a Defender of My Home...and right now, I am ticked off that my children are now afraid of YOU, Kansas!  They are afraid of your school officials, they are afraid of your police, they are afraid of your neighborhoods, they are afraid of their government.  They look out the windows and are now suspicious of everyone.  The emotional abuse that you did to my children outweighs any of the false allegations that you threw my way.  The verbal abuse of them hearing that their Mother may be unfit, is the worse thing that you could have done.

You destroyed our relationships...completely....and to move to Overland Park and Olathe and feel like "I made it" is a crock of shit.

Okay Kansas Senators, I am writing you this one time (maybe), and to let you know that I am sick and tired of the crap going on in this state, particularly in Johnson County.

SRS social workers are doing their job.  They have bills to pay just like the rest of us.  But when you talk to them, they are manipulative and just downright liars.  And God forbid if you tick one off as she will wield her pen and assassinate your character with a SUBSTANTIATION.

When I hear horror stories of Kansas SRS, the Blue Valley School District and Olathe School District and certain officers with the Overland Park and Olathe police department who collaborate to remove children from the homes of good parents, I am wondering why on earth very few of you Senators, you so-called representatives of the people are not saying anything about it!

Oh, I know why.  It's because you know that SRS is the biggest profit center for the state of Kansas.  But understand this.  This e-mail is going to go viral and spread through Kansas (and the country) like a wild fire.

But I want to know what YOU are going to do to fix this system.

Here's some of my issues:

1.  Social Services might contact you and they only have 45 days to close a case...so why do they keep it open for MONTHS?  They are breaking their own policies/laws?

2.  When they send you a letter that there is a "concern", they like to throw in their abuse and neglect pamphlet that tells you your constitutional RIGHTS.  But then they tell you to call them.  If you choose not to call them then you are not cooperating.

3.  When you go to the Kansas SRS website there is a link for parents.  But the freaking link doesn't work! So when you try to figure out how to complain against the Kansas SRS, the first website that shows in Google is the Attorney General's office (Steve Six) and the F.A.Q. all provides bullshit answers about SRS.  To anyone reading this, it should be pretty obvious that if the KS Attorney General office devotes that much web page real estate to SRS, then "Houston, we have a problem!"

4.  When you request to know what you are being accused of, which most people have a right to know this, you get a reply that they can't tell you because of the privacy of the child.  WHAT?   Most parents protect the privacy of the child.  And most parents don't have time to let people play games with their children like the SRS does.  HOW DARE SRS!

5.  As far as the right to privacy, how private is SRS when they decide to go and ask neighbors or the school or the police, etc. questions about the child.  Yet, have the nerve...the AUDACITY to tell the parent that they don't have the right to know about the child.

6.  Kids are placed into foster care, ripped from their homes, and used to make money from the state

Now understand this Kansas.  Never in the many years of raising my children have I ever gone through such ignorance in my life.  NEVER!  It's like you just want to put people in little boxes so that some of the people here can feel comfortable.  You want to put people away or make life hard for them because they come with different ideas, different thoughts, and don't let their kids curse them out or disrespect the parental authority.

So understand this, I am leaving.  But I will not forget.  And thanks to the WORLD WIDE WEB, I and my family will never let you rest.  Don Jordan, enjoy that paycheck.  Social Workers, if you want to practice law, go to law school!  Judges, you are not GOD!

It's on, Kansas....because you have finally pushed me to the point of really ticking me off!

So my advice to any of the SENATORS on this list who want to get back into office...you have heard from "one of the people" and I am adding your e-mails so that as this letter goes VIRAL, then you will hear from other parents.  It doesn't matter where they live...we are all dealing with the same IGNORANCE.

Now my house is clean, so get the "F" out!  Clean your own house!

We'll be watching you and you better represent your citizens this time, because me and my children and other parents and their children are all going to make sure that our rights are no longer trampled on.


Mother, Woman, and Defender of the Home

P.S.  I may not know all of the facts, but I hope there are others who will write and educate those of you who are collecting votes and paychecks and not addressing this issue.


To anyone who wants to send a letter, here are the e-mail addresses. 

Tell them how you really feel!  It's time, Kansas citizens, to no longer allow this to take place.

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