Dear Patriot Dad, (Stan Rains)


Dear Patriot Dad, (Stan Rains)


1. Get your own blog and stop spamming others.
2. Get off the beers - its making you see things like um statistics that
just don't exist.
3. If you don't like mothers - don't fuck women
4. There is a good reason why the KKK is listed as a terrorist organization
and no black activist groups are not. Get some brain cells and find out.
5. I m not going to insult hardworking real life trolls by calling you one,
neither with the cockroaches or the flies - they aren't part of the problem.
You are!
6. Its not cool in real life to act like homer.
7. If your ex knew you would be such a menace to society, maybe she might
not have left you, knowing the pain you would inflict on the rest of the
8. The only one now who will relate to what you wrote will inevitably be
your blow up doll.
9. Reap what you sow.
10. It’s not my problem

In response to:

> >> *S.R.* says:
> >> April 8, 2010 at 3:16 pm<http://parentingnewsnetwork.com/?p=774&cpage=1#comment-190>

> >> rj,
> >> It seems you have been caught in another instance of misstating data.
> >>
> >> You are a troll. You get endorphrin rushes when you hurt others,
> >> especially if you can use false data or outright lies.
> >>
> >> I looked up your reference to Bryan Rodgers (Rodgers, et al; Flood 2003)
> >> and his work in the studies of childhood adversity and the prognosis for
> >> adult survivors.. It seems he states that of all the adversities those
> >> surrounding divorce and the poor mental health of the mother are the most
> >> predicitive of adult onset of psychiatric disorders, including depression.
> >> The unstated, but very clear logical end result is that mother control of
> >> children is the single most detrimental factor to children for adult
> >> outcomes.
> >>
> >> Rodgers work was misrepresented by M.C. Dunn in a presentation to a
> >> feminist conference and has been quoted ever since by feminists who do not
> >> realize his work actually speaks against them instead of against
> >> father/child involvement. She twisted his work to state emphatically that it
> >> was an argument against fathers continuing involvement in children's lives
> >> irrespective of who was abusive or who was mentally ill, mother or father.
> >>
> >> Part of Rodger's study is of the denial of fathers as one of the
> >> adversities creating adult destructive and debilitating adult issues for the
> >> children. In other words, the lax manner in which you parrot words you think
> >> are effective are enough to win the day. You have no understanding or
> >> background on your own references.
> >>
> >> You make racist statements against "White Men" in an effort to bring out
> >> rage or to dismiss in a very asocial manner. You use methods of a
> >> manipulator, and to profile further probably one who has been diagnosed with
> >> at least one personality disorder. You are intelligent but mentally lazy and
> >> probably have found feminism to be an easy track to free support in school,
> >> living expenses, etc….. You have a generalized rage and often use passive
> >> aggressive techniques to frustrate and anger others for your own pleasure. I
> >> would further guess that you were raised by a single mother who demeaned
> >> your father endlessly. And, I will predict that the more truthful or
> >> accurate my assessment, the more you will try to tell me I am wrong.
> >>
> >> You are not here to further the discussion but to prey upon the emotions
> >> of desparate and torn humans whose children have been stolen. If the gender
> >> correctness were taking children from mothers you would be tormenting them
> >> and profiteering from it in some manner.
> >>
> >> You have written enough on this one website to allow any who will look a
> >> very personal insight into who and what you are.
> >>
> >> By your own statements you are racist and gender prejudiced which is
> >> another example of my old statements that anyone who is prejudiced about
> >> anyone will be prejudiced against everyone.

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