Where Do All Of The Perpetrators Go?



Australian Shared Parenting Law Debate

Just six days ago, a Laurence D'Alessandrowas found guilty ofpossessing over 16000 images of child pornography. It was deemed, "The very worst" "inhumane" and "evil".

He was sentenced to 3 years jail. In 3 years time, this man will be out in our community, maybe already married with children or about to be married with children. We wont know. Some unlucky women and child may fall prey to such a predator in the future. With so many privacy laws protecting perpetrators, she may not know until its too late. If she makes the decision to protect the child and leave, he can still obtain unquestioned rights of access to the child through the family court. How that stands in legal terms of the Family court is "in the past".

In a report from the Sentencing Advisory Council, the average rate of sentencing is an appalling figure on the value of a child's livelihood:

Believe it or not, there is actually lesser sentence if the child is related to the abuser:

Considering the average jail term for incest being 4 years, the crimes that warrant higher sentences must be more abhorrent or are they?

  1. A women is sentenced for 5 years over property investment.(source)
  2. A man was sentenced for 3 years for denying the holocaust(source)
  3. Copyright infringements are up to 5 years(Source)
  4. Maximum penalty for juveniles caught stealing is 7- 8 years(source)
  5. A man receives 7 years for taking bribes(Source)

So where do the perpetrators go?

Back into the community, into our unsuspecting lives, taking advantage of a legal system that is wholeheartedly supporting them. Again and again.

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