American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work: Time to Give Thanks for Honest, Ethical Organizations: (Janelle Burrill Court Whore Extraordinaire)



24.Mar.2010 Time to Give Thanks for Honest, Ethical Organizations

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Many times, victims of corrupt psychologists (like Janelle Burrill) will be pretty abrasive in their methods of trying to get satisfaction for totally being screwed over.  Believe me, I know how they feel.  When injured parties are ignored time and time again, often with organizations sometimes "protecting" their own, the criticism can come quick.  I saw it from some of the comments on my old website (which Janelle Burrill previously gagged for reporting on her ethical transgressions) as well as comments on other fellow blogger's websites.  I read the pain in the victim's communications when dealing with the support group.  I still feel the pain as more victims come forward.  Although I had never said anything about the various investigations or the organizations conducting them, I read the frustration in the comments and winced somewhat…only because it usually takes a very squeaky wheel to make people take action.  I was grateful that the organizations were starting to do something though.

Which brings me to the American Board of Examiners (ABE).  When I first post on the revocation of Janelle Burrill,  much of the personal feedback I got from professionals in the trenches was that the ABE needed to be thanked.  They were the first to step up and take action, and this was amazing in itself when things can drag on in these processes.  They truly do care about the competence and the ethics of the members they certify for us.  So I thank Mr. Robert A. Booth, Jr., Executive Director of ABE and the Board of Directors for giving us an organization we can believe in.  Keep up the good work…there are a lot of "Burrills" out there.

Here is a little about them, from their website:

About Board Certification

The Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work (BCD) certification is a national hallmark of quality practice, recognized by insurors, professionals, courts, and consumers. The BCD is issued by the American Board of Examiners (ABE) to those who have, through an examination process and professional attainments, proved their ability to practice advanced-generalist clinical social work at a high level of competency.

In addition to the advanced-generalist BCD certification, clinical social workers may be certified for competency in Clinical Supervision, Practice with Children & Their Families, and Psychoanalysis. They can be found, with many details of their practice and background, in a free searchable-sortable Internet service, the Online BCD Directory.

BCD Clinical Social Workers affirm annually, through an audited process, that they meet standards for continuing education, currency of clinical practice, and state licensure in good standing. Annual recertification, unique to BCD certification, enables ABE to serve as an official verifier of healthcare services compliant with NCQA, JCAHO, and other criteria.

For healthcare delivery systems seeking a true measure of advanced competency, the BCD is the gold standard. In the U.S. uniformed services, the BCD is a criterion for up to $5,000 in bonus pay. Some insurance systems strengthen their practitioner panels by extending preferred status to BCD Clinical Social Workers, and many agencies reimburse for the costs of board certification.


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