If you want your gun, don't abuse people



MARCH 22, 2010

In a March 9 letter to the editor, Scott Volquartsen seems somewhat upset about the domestic-abuse gun bill. If Volquartsen legally owns a firearm and does not discharge it in a violent manner to cause serious injury or death, why the anger?

Obey the law, and you don't have to worry about your constitutional rights being deprived. And a boo hoo for not having a meaningful notice or hearing before your rights are stripped away.

If the court finds sufficient evidence that a domestic event has occurred in either a civil or criminal case of domestic violence, then you lose your right to possess a firearm. If you don't want your firearm taken away, don't point it at the one you love. If you don't want your firearm taken away, stop abusing your significant other.

Since 1995, more than 202 domestic violence homicides have occurred, the majority of them were shot to death. Those homicide victims did not have a meaningful notice or hearing before their right to life was stripped away.

- Sandra Altman, victim advocate, Carroll County, Coon Rapids

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