Kansas Lawmakers Heard Testimony Today on Domestic Violence Law HB 2517



Kansas lawmakers heard testimony Monday about a new proposed domestic violence law. Members of the house committee on corrections and juvenile justice heard testimony about a bill to assist the criminal justice system in documenting crimes linked to domestic violence and track repeated offenders.

Posted: 5:32 PM Feb 1, 2010
Reporter: Stephanie Ramos
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Kansas lawmakers gathered Monday to hear testimony about a new proposed domestic violence law. The bill proposed Monday will track people who are continuously domestic violence offenders..... one victim's family was there to support not just their daughter but everyone who may be affected.

Jana Mackey, a University of Kansas law student was only 25 years old when she was murdered by her ex boyfriend 18 months ago.

"My hope is that we get a positive reaction from the house committee members and that next week when they take a vote on this bill..hopefully they will support it and move it on to the full house..by the end of the session bill for the governor to sign." says Curt Brungardt, stepfather of victim Jana Mackey.

The Brungardt's say proposed house bill 2517 is a good way to keep track of domestic violence crimes but will also reduce the amount of offenders...

The family hopes that when the bill is voted on next week it will pass on to the next level and that by the end of the session the bill will be ready to be signed by the governor.


Douglas J. Miles Chief Deputy DA Colorado Springs CO. DV Specialist


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Jenny Marsh Director of Crime Victim Services


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