Woman Abuse Affects our Children An Educator's Guide by Linda Baker & Peter Jaffe (2007)


    Woman Abuse Affects our Children: An Educator's Guide

    Woman Abuse Affects our Children: An Educator's Guide

    by Linda Baker & Peter Jaffe (2007)

    A resource for elementary teachers, principals and guidance counsellors funded by the Ontario Women's Directorate.

    This Educator's Guide and its Facilitator's Manual were developed by an Expert Panel formed as part of the Government of Ontario's Domestic Violence Action Plan. The English-language panel developed these training materials to better support women and their children, and reduce abuse. The panel included representatives from provincial elementary teacher organizations, principal councils, school and Native guidance associations, Ontario faculties of education, community groups supporting immigrant and refugee women, and organizations from the violence prevention field.

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    Table of Contents

  • Importance of this Topic

  • Glossary

  • Understanding Woman Abuse Helps Us Support Affected Students

  • Power and Control Wheel

  • Equality Wheel

  • Results of the 2004 General Social Survey on Victimization

  • What Recent Surveys Tell Us about Children Exposed to Spousal Violence

  • Impacts on Children and Adolescents

  • Signs a Student is Having Difficulties

  • Potential Impacts at Different Ages

  • What Educators May See

  • Responding When Students Display Troubling Behaviours

  • What Educators May See

  • Strategies for Supporting Students

  • Ways to Support a Student Who Makes a Disclosure

  • Guidelines for When a Parent is a Victim of Woman Abuse

  • Reporting to the Children's Aid Society

  • Reporting Guidelines

  • Safety Planning

  • What Educators May See

  • School and Community Partnerships

  • Community Responses

  • School-Based Violence Prevention

  • Examples of Resources

  • Resources that Promote Healthy Equal Relationships

  • Where to Go for Help

  • Resources

  • Appendix A: Child and Family Services Act (Ontario)

  • Appendix B: Ethical Standards for the Teaching Profession (Ontario)

  • References

    • En français

      A French-language Expert Panel worked concurrently to the English-language panel developing materials for the francophone Ontario community:

      Aide Enfants Témoins

      Ordering Information

      For information on how to order hard copies of the Educator's Guide and the Facilitator's Manual, visit the project's Resource Website.


      Other Resources on Children and Domestic Violence

      The Centre for Children and Families in the Justice System (formerly called the London Family Court Clinic) is known around the world for our innovative approach to understanding children exposed to domestic violence, supporting their mothers, and creating resources for service deliverers. A range of resources is available to assist students, front-line professionals, volunteers, educators, and mothers who themselves have survived woman abuse. On our Children and Domestic Violence Resource Page, you find links to all the material on our web site related to this important topic.


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