More on Pinon Hills, California -- appalling: Judge Robert Lemkau's snotty dismissal of the murdered child's mother as a liar; the transcript in the custody case in which two biased pro-father judges refused a restraining order


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I feel comfortable calling Judge Robert Lemkau an asshole. Without considering the competent evidence, he repeatedly referred to the mother as a liar. A child is dead,and it is his fault. Read the transcript, and see how he just automatically assumes the mother is lying and denies the restraining order, apparently not even willing to consider the mother's substantial evidence of abuse and ongoing death threats, and then orders an infant -- INFANT -- into a lengthy period of visitation away from the mother. THIS MAN DOES NOT BELONG ON THE BENCH. More: comprehensive story at: http://www.mountain-news.com/articles/2010/02/04/news/news1.txt

On Dec. 15, Tagle asked for an emergency restraining order against Garcia from Judge Debra Harris, as well as Judge J. David Mazurek  Apparently all three judges have blood on their hands. It's time to end the the sucking up to ridiculous fatherhood exaltation notions.  This baby in the first place should not have been subjected to lengthy repeat periods of time away from his mother. That is NOT in any infant's "best interests". Not. If you've heard otherwise, get educated. A woman leaves an obsessive, mentally ill and physically violent stalker and goes to the courts with an INFANT seeking protection, and they suck up to him and his erstwhile father's rights lawyer. It's beyond abominable.

The rates of child deaths and serious injuries from abuse have increased threefold in the past 25 years, the same period of time over which we have implemented child support anti-welfare laws, blessed unwed father parental rights, caved in to men's financial or control-motivated demands for "shared custody", and let psychologists run rampant in the family court system. A coincidence?  I think not.

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Feb 12, 2010

James Hosking said...

I am doing something about this!

My name is James Hosking. I am a Deputy District Attorney in San Bernardino County, and am now running for Superior Court Judge against Judge Bob Lemkau – based in part upon being outraged by his ruling that allowed this baby to be murdered by his psychotic father.

I just wanted to reach out to you, and thank you for covering this horrible story.

I can be reached at:

Thank you for your time.

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