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punishing mother


What in hell *is* it with seems like every reporter who just MUST have neighbors, family, all quoted tittering about how wonderful, doting, generous, kind, quiet, hardworking or whatever are the murderous assholes du jour. Here's yet another, by staff writers Meaghan M. McDermott and Hester Ramos.http://www.democratandchronicle.com/article/201002140500/NEWS01/2140327

Is this required by some kind of editorial policy?

How about all those "estranged wives". Don't they get praise -- or does that just not fit in with the agenda of making sure the public thinks that in divorce cases it's women who are unstable, vindictive lunatic liars, notwithstanding that it's men who far more often go postal and do family annihilation murders, commit domestic violence, make false accusations, and so forth.

How about once in a while a neighbor quote that says "Oh damn... he always made me nervous... never thought it would come to THIS though..."

Here's what these reporters had to say about the unnamed mother of the murdered child: "...a 911 call from Hunter T. Resch's mother... the woman was alarmed... the woman had left her husband... she secured a temporary order of protection against him in Monroe County Family Court for alleged threats against her life..." Just another anonymous woman making allegations.

JUDGES are people too and they also are swayed by propaganda. That's why they are denying those so-called lying vindictive exaggerating and overreacting women restraining orders. And women and children are being killed.

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