Minnesota Mom-Same Judge, Same MHP, Same PAS Scam




January 6, 2009 — batteredmomslosecustody | Edit

Comment from Minnesota Mom who had the same Judge and MHP as Holly Collins, battered mom and kids who received asylum for human rights violations in the Netherlands.

Amazing how so frequently, the same people are involved in case after case using the same scam, same rhetoric, and same fraud to advocate for abusers.

Tiffani Says:

I am so happy to have found this site. I had the same Judge Porter, Susan DeVries, GAL was Jim Campbell who followed their lead and was hand picked by Judge. Doneldon Dennis was supervisor over Family Court Services, while running the AFCC side by side. Susan DeVries is also a member. Kay Kraus is partner in crime as well and they formed some private business.

I would like to add to the Hall of Shame we need GAL’s and Evaluators on there.

Minnesota Mom - your names have been added.

Thanks for the contribution.