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For $350 dollars, Robert O’Block, who sold a Specialty Diplomate to a pet cat named Zoe (which states on the certificate Zoe has a PhD), and who also granted a Specialty Diplomate to Custody Evaluator Stephen Doyne, is threatening to sue the co-founders of California Coalition for Families and Children (CCFC) with a defamation lawsuit seeking penalties of 1,000,000 dollars. Robert O’Block is seeking to shutdown The Public Court websites for exposing the truth about the “cat credentialed?”

ASAP: Please sign the Amicus Brief in the case of Tadros MD vs. Doyne PhD, the Families and Chlidren need your support immediately for the Public’s best interests — this case directly relates to O’Block’s threat.

Please note that neither Zoe the pet Cat nor Stephen Doyne have the one and only highly respected Board Certification from the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP and ABFP).

Copies of Zoe’s and Doyne’s Diplomates are further down the page.

robert o'block, acfe, acfei

robert o'block, acfe, acfei

download – Read and Sign the Amicus Brief

The Amicus Brief story at this site started with the brief, intriguing story mentioned below:

Custody Evaluator Stephen Doyne PhD., with his "Propaganda Credentials," is the principle author of the Amicus Brief against OJ Simpson. Doyne made sure to latch on to the OJ Simpson case so Custody Evaluator Stephen Doyne PhD can pump up air in his "dead horse" curriculum vitae and pump up his reputation. Please read the credentials story here under the Chameleon, and entertain the qualifications of Custody Evaluator Stephen Doyne PhD who is currently a "Senior Member of the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges."

As a result there has been Nationwide credentialing investigations and this case likely answers the questions as to why recently:

1- Roy Bradbury PhD., Custody Evaluator with bogus credentials and CA Rules of Court violations, may have shot himself in the head when he was given a time limit to submit his credentials?

2- Steven Feldman, fake PhD, with false credentials, a major custody evaluator, was arrested in Saratoga County, NY?

3- Janelle Burrill, Custody Evaluator of Sacramento and Placer County, with false credentials, was arrested and now investigated?

4- Stephen Adam, Custody Evaluator of Orange County, CA apparently retired from custody evaluations? He was fined and reprimanded for practicing and testifying as an expert witness without an active license.

5- But Custody Evaluator Stephen Doyne PhD., with a false Diplomate (cat credentials) CONTINUES TO BE the lawyers’ and judges’ Principal Lecturer, nick named the Dean, across the State of California teaching the California Rules of Court. The Rules he personally taught, yet never followed and violated for years! Please read the Amicus. This story is shocking and will shock the nation as to WHO EXACTLY our Custody Evaluators are!

Please note: If it was not for Psychiatrist Emad G. Tadros MD and California Coalition for Families and Children, the same thing that happens currently in every major county, would only keep happening over and over and over.

Bradbury, Feldman, and Burrill — other Court Professionals with questionable credentials

actual article; Suicide Claims Bradbury p.1 and p.5

Steven Feldman Fraud—has same credentials as Zoe the Cat

Steven Feldman pleads not guilty

fallout from the arrest of Steven Feldman

Jannelle Burrill Fraud Facts

more Jannelle Burrill Fraud Facts

Reviews of Stephen Doyne PhD

10News Story on Stephen Doyne PhD. aired July 7th and 8th, 2009.

Custody Evaluator Stephen Doyne PhD. – Title Switching, Deception, Fraud and Lies on Resume…


The signatures are actual signatures taken from correspondence from Custody Evaluator Stephen Doyne to his clients.



The Print, Vol. 16, by Mark Hansen





Carol Henderson writes about “cancerous” Diploma Mills, Mark Hansen, Robert O’Block’s ACFE (Doyne’s Diplomate), and Dr. Steven Eichel and his credentialed pet cat Zoe. Among her other achievements below, she is a Fellow of and has served as Chairman of the highly respected American Academy of Forensic Sciences AAFS.





Zoe_the_cat, steven b. feldman, apa, american psychotherapy association

Both Zoe’s and Doyne’s Specialty Diplomate’s came from the same Diploma Mill owned by Robert O’Block who sells some 14 other bogus certifications. Custody Evaluator Steven Feldman has credentials from the APA Diploma Mill, the same APA as Zoe the Cat. Not the real American Psychological Association (APA), but the fake, phony, diploma mill American Psychotherapy Association (APA). O’Block states on Zoe’s Specialty Diplomate that she has a PhD; obviously, Robert O’Block did not check to see if Zoe the cat was a human species possessing a real Phd. O’Block has also given a Diplomate to a jailed convict. Doyne’s Specialty Diplomate given to him by O’Block has the eagle-headed emblem (left, bottom) that reads “SCIENCE, INTEGRITY, JUSTICE,” across the bottom. REALLY? Do you REALLY think there’s real science, real integrity, and real justice when pet cats, arrested frauds, con-artist, Court Rule Violating so-called professionals hold these titles?!? Oh, not Zoe the Cat, she’s the “real deal” here but custody evaluator Stephen Doyne and custody evaluator Steven Feldman? Really now?!




Page five (5) of Custody Evaluator Stephen Doyne’s CV