History of Domestic Violence in Double Murder-Suicide Leaving Entire Family Dead




LEHIGH ACRES, Fla.- WINK News is tracking brand new developments to a disturbing discovery in Lehigh Acres.

It's a story you saw first on WINK- a double murder-suicide leaving two adults and a baby dead inside their home. We learned Friday the deceased husband was no stranger to authorities.

From the outside looking in, neighbors say the Forde family was about as normal as you could get. Lisa worked with Lee County EMA, and they were new parents of a one-year old baby boy. But a second look at the husband's past reveals troubling signs leading up to the horrific tragedy taking place behind closed doors.

"She was trying to make this relationship work, and you can't really blame her. It happens a lot. Maybe it was a one time thing, and she hoped that it would change," neighbor Alice Agness said Friday.

Reports show Alex Forde had a history with the Lee County Sheriff's Office. He was booked in 2007 for possession of cocaine. But the most eery charges date back to April of last year. Alex was arrested for domestic violence, after allegedly throwing Lisa to the ground when she was 12 weeks pregnant.

"They'd come around and stuff but he really just didn't like to talk much. He would just put his head down. Basically he just wanted to say hey and go about his business," Agness said.

But the quiet couple, and their young son Caleb are dead, sparking a double murder-suicide investigation. Lee County Sheriff's Deputies swarmed the house and shutdown part of the neighborhood for two days straight.

"It's a nice neighborhood. And you don't think those things can happen."

Friday evening, WINK News talked to the Forde family's pastor at New Image Ministries church here in Lehigh. He said they were a very spiritual family, and Alex in particular was very dedicated to his faith. We'll continue updates as more information becomes available.

Lee County Sheriff's Office says they'll release more information once an autopsy is complete.

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