Man thought to have killed pregnant girlfriend 28 year old Kristen Chavez in Blanco : taken off life support


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This is a special post from my friend/family their statement follows:

Kristin Chavez, dead, NM, 2009.
Preg. w/ her sixth child. shot in her home while caring for her other children, all girls. Shot to her death by her boyfriend while both his parents were present. His mother was attempting to remove all of her grand daughters and aide Kristen when the father of the children and grandfather removed Kristen to another room where she was found shot to death and her unborn child remained dead w/n her body.

Joe Montano and LaDessa de la cruz has posted this statementany further comment can be sought via this post. May God have mercy on the life of these children.


Updated at 7:30am -- Suspected Killer Dies in ABQ Hospital

By ABQNews Staff

Tuesday, 01 December 2009 07:30

Man thought to have killed girlfriend in Blanco on Nov. 22 taken off life support.

Manuel Gutierrez III, the 28-year-old man suspected of killing his girlfriend in Blanco and of shooting himself in Albuquerque two days later, was taken off life support at an Albuquerque hospital Friday and died shortly after, authorities told the Farmington Daily Times on Monday.

Although Gutierrez appeared to have shot himself in the head, Albuquerque police are awaiting final autopsy results before ruling his death a suicide and have been investigating the possibility that he may have been the victim of a violent crime, the Daily Times said.

"Whether it was self-inflicted or not is unknown," Albuquerque Police Department spokeswoman Nadine Hamby told the paper. "We need to make sure the physical evidence on the body matches up with a suicide."

Gutierrez was found lying by a ditch by Albuquerque police on Nov. 24 and was positively identified only after fingerprint verification, Hamby told the Daily Times.

San Juan County sheriff's deputies believe Gutierrez fled to Albuquerque after shooting and killing his girlfriend, 28-year-old Kristin Chavez on Nov. 22 in their Blanco home while their three children were in the house, the Daily Times said.

9:05am 11/25/09 UPDATE: A man who may be a suspect in the fatal shooting of his girlfriend last weekend in Blanco was found Monday evening with an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head by an irrigation ditch near 2nd Street and Montano in Albuquerque, 770 KKOB Radio is reporting.

San Juan County detectives believe the man is Manuel Gutierrez III, based on his tattoos and a handgun found with the man, and Albuquerque police are hoping to establish his identity through fingerprints, KKOB said.

6:40am 11/25/09 -- Blanco Shooting Suspect May Be in ABQ Hospital: Man sought in Sunday's fatal shooting of girlfriend believed to have shot himself.

Manuel Gutierrez III, the man San Juan County sheriff's deputies were seeking in the shooting death Sunday of his girlfriend, 28-year-old Kristin Chavez, may be the man clinging to life in an Albuquerque hospital after being found Tuesday morning with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, sheriff's Capt. Tim Black told theFarmington Daily Times.

"We believe it's him but still are working with Albuquerque police to establish a positive identification," Black told the paper.

Deputies suspect Gutierrez, 28, was the man who shot and killed Chavez inside their Blanco home Sunday evening, while the couple's three children were inside the house, the Daily Times said.

Police in Albuquerque matched five tattoos to those Gutierrez was known to have, including eye markings and the name Gutierrez tattooed on his neck, and the revolver found with the man on Tuesday matches the description of the handgun Gutierrez had at the time of the homicide, the paper reported.

The Daily Times reported that nine years ago Gutierrez threatened to shoot Chavez and then shoot himself.

5:55am 112409 -- Blanco Woman Shot to Death: Boyfriend sought on an open count of murder for allegedly killing mother of three.

A Blanco woman was shot and killed Sunday evening inside her home while her three young daughters were there, San Juan County sheriff's Capt. Tim Black told theFarmington Daily Times.

Deputies believe Kristin Chavez, 28, was shot by her boyfriend, Manuel Gutierrez III, who is being sought on a warrant charging an open count of murder, the Daily Times said.

The couple's three daughters, ages 2, 6 and 8, were in the living room of the home while the shooting apparently occurred in a bedroom, the paper reported.

The suspect's mother, Traci Gutierrez, told deputies she was bringing the couple's 2-year-old daughter back to the residence when Chavez asked to leave the home with her, Black told the Daily Times.

Traci Gutierrez told deputies that her son pushed Chavez and slammed the bedroom door when the mother went to get some things and that she heard several gunshots, the Daily Times said.

The suspect's father, Manuel Gutierrez Jr., who also lived in the house, was heard shouting "No, no" from another part of the mobile home, Traci Gutierrez told authorities.

Traci Gutierrez took the children to a friend's house, where she called 911, and deputies arrived around 6:45 p.m. Sunday, the Daily Times said.

The weapon allegedly used in the shooting wasn't found, and Manuel Gutierrez III remains at large and is considered armed and dangerous, Black told the paper.

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