Guardian AD Chargem- M. Jill Dykes Topeka KS paid for by YOUR $Tax $


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Court Whores and Court Appointed Child Abusers since they have decided that THEY are immune I will have to begin a blog posting campaign on EACH one.

Google your own names those who profited from the blood of my family- your silence is NOT mine and I am Silent no more!

Hit list

Odyssey- Where Sexual Pedophiles get re integrated back into the home with victims- Grant money funds this- FYI- NOT battered Mommies- We strive ONLY to Serve the Perpetrators: Kara Haney, Drex Flott…..

Donald R. Hoffman, Jason P Hoffman- ALL COURT quackos evaluations, criminal records, Judge Debenham, Dr, Rodeheffer and Dr Albott both known better as Dr. Pedophiles- see www.KansansForJudicialAccountability.com  and the list will keep growing along with 16 years of documentation and recordings….

But this one is for

M. Jill Dykes, G.A.L

email: faith_full_@hotmail.com

1243 SW Topeka, Blvd., Suite B

Topeka, Kansas 66612


btw Jill Dykes- although your OPININION under Supreme court rule 100 entitles you to kill..; it DOES NOT entitle you to defend against the ethics charges and Behavioral Sciences Board- And Charge the county for your defense- by your own hand…. in your over time expenses- below( note the time ACTUALLY spent with the child she is court appointed to Abuse?

.5 hrs good fucking gawd!


2009_1-14- GAL M. Jill Dykes Court Appointed Abuser submits for OVERTIME pay

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