Shawnee County Courts: Mom Guilty- Contempt and further ordered to remove “Public Records”


I guess that being no ORDER- as well completely out of funds- ‘they’ are preparing to un-purge the contempt-cant afford to see daughter, cant afford 10K for another forensic courtwhore- so I guess we are back at a stand off- what do I want my daughter to know – how can I empower her to not go through this herself?

truth v evil

How to hold a promise I made to my mother when she died-

“ do not let my granddaughter endure what I had to watch my first born endure.”

god –that would be intolerable to have another 20 years repeat- I simply can not do nothing-I love you my daughter- when you can- reach for you- this is NOT acceptable-it is wrong- you deserve your daughters deserve safety love, respect, ‘hope’…and JUSTICE!

Shawnee County Courts: Mom Guilty- Contempt and further ordered to remove “Public Records” wtf are they hiding?

Why are they doing this..? …because they can…. for now.

Susan Murphy Milano's Journal: Family Court and the Judicial Murder of Children's Lives

A Human Rights Issue-Custody... 

Remember that little thang called the U.S. Constitution …???

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead (1901-1978

[The Courts, Shawnee County, Kansas, were more concerned about THEIR imagesand here- than those of my daughter -the ‘contempt’ that I was convicted of..? Civilly -without rule- of procedure of same- criminal- So when does civil become criminal..? Doesn’t jail or per say the 4th amendment speaks ‘civil; may have jury-(no silence-oppression) if ‘value exceeds twenty dollars”---yeah, would make a ‘mad’ man-...’mad.’... as a ‘hatter’ indeed-hence, this blog post- sanity –dignity-social activism-true change. Confused..? Wait.. ..this is the …sane part- it gets better….]

“Today is my Birthday; birthdays are really for the ‘mothers’ (I learned after the birth of my dear daughter as we recall the birth with perfect clarity… This is my first b-day- since my own mom’s passing a few months ago- her death in the ‘feeding’ frenzy of the Courts and their court whores who will not even in death stop their crimes against ‘humanity’. My ‘contempt’ was because of the video I made- the ‘preservation’ of good- sacred’ a tribute video for my daughter and mother as healing- in lei of the courts cruel blow by denying a child and her mother to attend grandmother’s funeral- even in life callously maliciously denied the child access to any and all contact with her ‘maternal’ family-

“Today, I had a very precious few minutes with my daughter– via mobile-(the first time she was able to say ‘happy birthday mom’) her little heart so weary, painfully heavy but; a strong compassionate heart it is. She takes after her grandmother. We……. survived another ‘court feeding’….. Next feeding….April 15th, 2009 at 3:00 PM…..we will survive that too……

“Today, with my mom and my daughter–so far away... This b-day seems so much more ‘raw’ I feel as I know my daughter does-and so many others- like all my nerve endings are exposed-perhaps they are- and either 15 days-or fifteen years- the ‘stripping’ of rights- especially ‘human’ …there simply are no words, other than it must stop… via the system that profits so heavily from so much spilled blood.. the nation… indeed the world.. et ‘humanity’ its self….

“Today, I continue- the ‘path-un-paved’- happy b-day mom, it is-the beginning- to and end…’Human Evolution’-higher intelligence- -that I try to form my thoughts as each action I take or inaction- each step I take is to ‘free’ my child her children- from the blood lust of the ‘family courts’ globally…”

-I am my mother’s -daughter–and- my daughters– mother-

I was lucky to find the tribute video for repost to this blog- We have a ‘code of honor’- my sisters- www.BatteredMothersCustodyConference.org

When one is silenced, we speak for her- we speak for all our children - - we just act and ‘do’ as a ‘human’ would. We carry our dead and our wounded- we leave no one behind. [marine motto-human motto]

This because of the death and tribute of my mother-my daughter’s grandmother-

From the ‘on-line PUBLIC ACCESS’ of case No. 96D217

(but wait- I am now Ordered to remove PUBLIC DOCUMENTS as well) what do they not- want the public to know…




TRANSCRIPT of hearing - AUDIO of hearing-

Petitioner in person and by Donald Hoffman. Respondent in person and by Robert E. Duncan. G.A.L., Jill Dykes, for minor child who is not present. Court Reporter: Digital Div. 13.

Respondent withdraws motion for recusal of Judge.

Court considers evidence offered through affidavit and stipulations of the parties and after listening to arguments of counsel, finds that Judge Johnson on September 27, 2006, ordered "Respondent to withdraw any and all likenesses of the minor child over which she had control that may be appearing on the internet or other public places or public access and further that Respondent was ordered not to present child at public rallies, demonstrations, newscast or otherwise publicize the child's name or likeness in furtherance of Respondent's efforts in the instant case".

Court found;

1.) based on incidents detailed in the affidavit and the stipulations of the parties that Respondent had violated the Court's order by intentionally placing photographs of the minor child on Respondent's

website and to links accessible through the Respondent's website and to websites that the Respondent was either maintaining or contributing to;

2. ) that as of April 4, 2009, the photographs of the minor child were still accessible;

3. ) that as of April 6, 2009, the photographs were not accessible.

Court finds Respondent to be in Indirect Contempt. In mitogation, Respondent offers that photos were part of a family tribute to her deceased mother.

Court fines Respondent $1,500 and orders her to serve 30 days in jail.

Court allows Respondent to purge herself of the contempt by removing all photos, likenesses and name of minor child from the internet or any other public place or public access on which she has control by April 15, 2009, at 3:00 p.m.

Respondent is ordered to pay Petitioner's attorney fees of $600 for prosecuting the motion to show cause,

Respondent is ordered to obtain a psychological evaluation by a Psychiatrist.

Respondent is prohibited from filing any motions on her own unless the motion is signed by her attorney or she obtains permission of the Court prior to filing.

Parenting time as previously ordered - 2 hours supervised visitation per week through Odyssey Group. (these stopped when my mother died) Respondent to pay full costs of SV visits at $40.00 an hour

Respondent currently has a P.O. Box and does not wish to disclose her address.

Court ordered, and Respondent agrees, that any filing mailed to her P.O. Box shall be deemed personal service. R. Duncan to do JE. DBD

Ok, I feel better now…. silence is oppression- oppression is silence.

[imagine a world without links-darkness-give light the darkness will disappear of its own-shine bright]

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Granny, Mom "Dont Give Up"

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Hope Love Power and enlightenment

Judge 'death' David Debenham

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Topeka Kansas, Shawnee County Courthouse
Justice denied even in death- Protect the perp at all cost.
further victimize child and mother

When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall––think of it--always. --Mahatma Gandhi

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