FATHER Steven Lynn Nicholson Convicted of Killing His Two Children


The Father, now uses a website with the dead children on it to raise money for his appeal.

Steven Lynn Nicholson was convicted of killing his two children, Ella Stafford, 15 months, and Johnathon Sanderlin, 13 months, family members thought they would finally have closure.

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Nicholson, 28, was sentenced to life without parole and given an additional 40 years for other charges relating to the Oct. 19, 2010, deaths of the children at his apartment.

Nicholson filed an appeal last month, and members of his family have begun attempting to raise money for his defense attorney and other legal fees.

Ella Stafford’s side of the family doesn’t believe they are doing it fairly.

“He’s a convicted murderer,” said Windy Moritz, Ella’s maternal grandmother. “Now his family is using pictures of my granddaughter on a website to raise money to get him out of jail.

“I’m looking into ways to have that website taken down. It’s exploiting my granddaughter.”

The website is www.justiceforsteven.com.

The family also says Nicholson wasn’t the stressed-out father that he was portrayed to be during his trial.

“He didn’t have (full) custody of Ella,” Moritz said. “She lived full time with me until July, and then only sometimes stayed with him after that.”

She said that in addition to her help, Ella’s mother and two aunts also took turns caring for her. Continued...
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