Republican Senate Majority Leader in Arizona involved with Domestic Violence: NO CHARGES FILED filed due to legislative immunity


Joint statement issues by State  Senator Bundgaard & Ballard on Sunday:


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Domestic violence is a huge issue that has affected women and children for centuries, and it still does for many who have been involved with some of Arizona’s state legislators.



There are at least three state legislators involved with this kind of inhumanity towards our society’s most vulnerable.

Readers of Three Sonorans read about Russell Pearce’s past history with domestic violence, and how this may have rubbed off on his sons, one of whom was just arrested this month for the same violence against women.

What is even more sad is how members of both parties, including the Democrats, will actually make excuses for this type of unacceptable behavior, and start blaming the victim, but this is also part of the history of domestic violence cases.

From El Numero Uno vato in the state Senate, Russell Pearce, to now dropping on the deuce, the Republican’s number two, Senate Majority Leader Scott Bundgaard, who had his own domestic violence issue this weekend.

Scott Bundgaard, the majority leader of the Arizona state Senate, was briefly taken into custody on suspicion of domestic violence Friday but was released because he was immune to arrest under rules of the Arizona state Constitution.

via State Sen. Bundgaard involved in domestic violence incident.

Bundgaard gives his position of Number Two a perfect representation.

And just like another former state representative, Jan Brewer, who was busted with anextreme DUI and even caused a car crash on the freeway but was let go because of “immunity” and never charged again, unlike President George W. Bush who got charged with DUI, this whole Republican party seems to be drunk with power.

From recovering alcoholics like W and Glenn Beck, to Boehner who is as emotional as an alcoholic would be, our leaders are intoxicated with the power they have, and with this power comes violence.

If you are violent with the women and children in your own families, ones that you take vows before the Eternal God to love until death, then how are they ever going to care about the innocent women and children they kill in their wars, aka “collateral damage,” or the women and children they target with their policies?

Speaking of crazy policies, Scott Bundgaard is one of the co-sponsors of an anti-immigrant bill known as SB1225 which pretends to defend immigrant women from violence but really gives Sheriff Arpaio more tools to get tough on immigration.

Also co-sponsoring the bill with him is Ron Gould of the 14th Amendments repealing bills, and in total there are 10 right-wing extremists sponsoring this immigration bill.

The Latino community is strongly opposed to SB1225. For some reason we don’t trust Ron Gould and Scott Bundgaard to have our immigrant women’s best interests in mind. Forgive us for not trusting them… do you?

All Democrats should vote NO on SB1225! Now is not the time for right-wing immigration bills co-sponsored by Ron Gould and Scott Bundgaard. Now is the time to balance the budget!

Wanna sign on to Bundgaard's anti-immigrant bill SB1225? Ron Gould already has, and they are two teabaggers we can trust? The other names are blurred as they will be focuses of future articles.

Click here to see video with pictures.

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