How Do These Corrupt Judges Get Away With It? New York Judge John Bivona Keeps Rolling Along…




Already punished by the State of New York for not being impartial in a case, Hon. John C. Bivona (Suffolk County, New York) keeps rolling along like justice means nothing.  See his punishment from 2003 here. Now he takes two girls from their mother in a “closed” court session and gag orders issued!

The father only wanted the two girls, not the boys in the family (that really sounds scary)!   Oh, and by the way, the father is a wealthy attorney.   Two detectives came and picked up the two girls, aged 9 and 10, without the girls’ knowledge after the hearing.   Please keep them in your thoughts that they can keep themselves safe.

From commenter: Sign the “tear down the wall” petition and join with popular4people to end the injustice here.

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