Nancy Grace- You Bitch!



How many mothers must YOU kill? How many children must suffer because you go AFTER a battered mother v the fucked up Judges who ALLOW batterers complete custody and complete control over an already victimized beaten battered mother.


You make me sick! You are a sick whacko stupid misinformed dangerously misinformed bitch!!

Stop blaming the mothers!! Start looking at the fucking system that KEEPS FAILING victims of family violence time and fucking time again!!!

Try blaming the fucking SOURCE the ‘perp’? is that to damn difficult too do?? ( ohhhh not good for ratings huh..?? Harassing the victims is much more ratings hits..

This is fucking sick!!! You have no ‘grace’ no compassion and are evil to the core. You need to have the same done to you... how about the fl mom last year that committed suicide after YOU hammered her- you just don't quit do you? DEAD SELLS!!!




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