Kansas Government Demands ‘silence’…


Kansas Government Demands ‘silence’(a 2nd time..)

 of a from a local Childs Advocate Organization .


“Violating statute”  huh..?? yup- Freedom of speech is becoming a violation of statutes and laws. Speak now or forever hold your peace, as yet another civil and constitutional right’ slips away. (don’t think it can happen..? think again.) –KFJA

-be the change-


Oppression can only ‘exist’ through silence’. (Carmen de Monteflores)


Kansas Government ‘Demands Silence’.


Wichita, Kansas

Sept.14, 2008


Please forward this on to everyone; Once again I had to remove the "Brand New Day" video because once again, I received an email from the Kansas Government Ethics Commission saying I was violating the statute. I didn't realize that there was a statute stating a individual can’t share their opinion on the elections...well anyways I corrected the problem and it is once again out on you tube. Since when in America did we lose our right to free speech? I would have to question this law Kansas has on the books.
Thanks so much, spread the word! I know some of you are not in Sedgwick County, but please look at the videos and pass it on.
Donna Roberts